How To Install The WalkMe Editor

In this article, we will learn how to install the WalkMe Editor.
Install The WalkMe Editor

The WalkMe Editor is basically used for creating, managing, and publishing Smart Walk-Thrus and the other WalkMe Apps. The WalkMe Editor is a desktop application that allows you to build on the world’s most popular browsers (Google Chrome, IE). Once the Editor is installed on your computer, simply download the Extension to your favorite Browser to start building.

Download and Install the WalkMe Editor
Thre basic Step To Install The WalkMe Editor

1.  Click This Link For Download The WalkMe Editorwalkme.com/download. The .exe file will download
2. After That From your computer, double-click downloaded.exe file. WalkMe setup wizard will appear.  When an installation is complete, Editor will open
3. Continue to Create an Editor Account

Install the WalkMe Extension

The WalkMe Extension connects your favorite browser with the WalkMe Editor desktop application. This helps us to select elements on your site when creating Smart Walk-Thrus, SmartTips, Launcher or other WalkMe apps

Key Point To Install The WalkMe Editor

1. Double-click WalkMe Editor application to open it
2. Login to WalkMe Editor. A pop-up will appear From the pop-up, select your browser
3. Click Add Extension button. Your browser will navigate to the extension download page
4. From your browser, click Add Extension
5. If a pop-up appears, click Add Extension to confirm

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Youtube Link Install WalkMe Editor and Add Extension

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