Image Gallery Slider in Walkme

Here Laxmikant is explaining about How to create image gallery slider in Walkme. Before creating image gallery slider in walkme first install walkme editor in your system.
Click this link for Install Walkme Editor
Image Gallery Slider in Walkme
Step 1:Open Walkme editor and enter your username and password after that click on Sign In button.

Step 2:In next step click on plus icon button.

Step 3:After that enter Smart Wal-Thrus Name and click on Continue button.

Step 4:In next step mouse hover on plus icon and select Popup feature of walkme.

Step 5:After that Click on Image icon enter url of hosted image and set height and width according to your requirement and finally click on apply button.

step 6:If you want to show next and back button on image gallery slider. you can select and click on Done button like screenshot.

Key point: If you want to show more image on Next button click same above step is follow.You can see in screenshot here i attached four image follow the same above step.


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