Create a Smart Walk-Thrus

In this article, we will How to Create a Smart Walk-Thrus.
Smart Walk-Thru
Smart Walk-Thrus help the user to provide on-screen guidance at the moment of need so that user can easily complete any task.

The Smart Walk-Thrus gives authority to create tip balloons on your site to help users through an online process.

Why Create a Smart Walk-Thrus

Smart Walk-Thru basically used for focus very specific task that needs to be accomplished by the end-user. Write a Name of your Smart Walk-Thru something informative so that your users easily understand what is the purpose for creating these Smart Walk-Thru and it’s also will help them accomplish. Whenever build Smart walk-Thru Plan your Smart Walk-Thru from the home page and be sure to include any navigational steps required to reach the correct page or element. Try and account for other starting places on your site as well, making sure that the steps necessary to exit or go back to a previous screen are present as well. Flow Steps can be added so that these steps only appear when necessary. Like If Someone is visiting your website and he does not know how to register and how to login this website. Then We create a Smart Walk-Thru to help these users.

Create a Smart Walk-Thrus
1. First Open a Smart Walk-Thrus App and Enter Email and Password and Click On SignIn Button.

1. Go to the Smart Walk-Thru App.
2. Click on the Add New button.

3. Write your Smart Walk-Thru a name and click Continue.

4. Hover over the + icon and click Step: A Step is represented visually on the page with a tip balloon overlaid on the screen.

5. Capture the step: After clicking Add Step, the WalkMe Editor will automatically minimize and you will be in Capture Mode. Capture Mode allows you to select an element for your step. Click on the element highlighted by a blue box to select it.

6.If You Want To Continue Step Then Click On Navigate Mode.

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