Create tab Dynamics 365

In this article we will learn Create tab Dynamics 365.

Let’s start Work with form tabs

Step 1. Go to Settings > Solution for Create tab Dynamics 365.


Step 2. Select your created solution.

Step 3. Under Components, expand Entities, and then the entity you want, and select Forms.

Step 4. Click on the INSERT tab, there are three tab buttons (3 Tabs, 2 Tabs, 1 Tab) and select the appropriate number of columns based on your requirement. Here I am clicking on the 1 Tab button and then click on the Two Columns button.

Step 5. You can see the new tab has been created on form. If you want to change the label of tab please click the Change Properties button on the command bar or double click on tab to modify the value of the Label. This is the display name of the label. Here I modify it into “Test Tab”. Click OK button.

Key points The following table shows properties that may be set for tabs on the form:

Display Tab

Name : Required : This represent the unique name for the tab generally this is used when work with scripts.
Label : Required :Display name visible to users.
Show the label of this tab on the Form : If you want to show the label on this tab on the form.
Expand this tab by default : This tab state can toggle with expended or collapsed using scripts or by user selecting the label.
Visible by default : You cane control using scripts. Select whether to make the tab visible.
Availability : Select this option if you want to show the tab on phone.

Formatting Tab
Layout Ues this option according to your requirements. You can choose up to three columns.

Events Tab

Form Libraries : Add any JavaScript web resources that will be used in the tab TabStateChange event handler.
Event Handlers : Add the functions name from the libraries that should called for the tab TabStateChange event

Step 6. Finally click on “OK” button after that Save and Publish Main Form.


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